Disclaimer: If you’re looking for a professional way of mounting an Urban Outfitters tapestry – you’re not in the right place! This was our quick and easy (perhaps even lazy) way of hacking together a large piece of art on a budget.

Mounting an Urban Outfitters Tapestry

Recently, we chose to paint  our bedroom wall black. I started looking for a large framed piece of art to hang above our bed and found it borderline impossible to find something cost effective that I really liked. I did, however, find a tapestry on Urban Outfitters that I absolutely loved – it features a custom graphic by artist Armando Veve. The draped tapestry look didn’t quite fit with our decor, so I took to the web to see if there was any simple way of mounting an Urban Outfitters tapestry.

I found an amazing post on Desert Domicile here. And I would absolutely recommend that you follow her instructions if you’re looking for something more durable, stable, and with a frame.

What we came out with was something super hack that we put together in about 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon – but hey, I think it looks alright! This is how we put together our super simplified version of her tutorial.

Materials for Mounting an Urban Outfitters Tapestry

  • 1 tapestry (found online at Urban Outfitters)
  • 1″ thick insulation board – ours was about 78″x48″ for around $12CAD from Home Depot – they cut it for us and I carried it home because it wouldn’t fit in the car…so transportation is definitely something to consider.
  • Duct tape (one very thick roll) – We didn’t cheap out on the quality kind here because it’s all that is holding this thing together!

Caitlin from Desert Domicile jokes about her use of duct tape… well this is 100% fastened with duct tape.

Instructions for Mounting an Urban Outfitters Tapestry

  1. Iron your tapestry. I ironed ours on the side without the graphics to avoid damaging it.
  2. Lay your tapestry flat and measure. There is a good chance it won’t be the same size as this one, so you’ll want to measure to the edges of the graphics to get the right size. Make sure you leave a good amount of fabric to pull over the edges of the board, as you’ll be securing them to the back of the board.
  3. Lay the board on the tapestry and make sure the graphics are centred. This takes a bit of testing to get right. We put some pieces of duct tape on lightly to hold the tapestry in place as we picked it up to see how it looked.
  4. Fold and tape the corners. The best way would be to cut the tapestry in order to fold them in flat, but I got a little nervous and folded without cutting them. I will acknowledge that our corners are a bit lumpy – we tried our best to fold them flat, and people don’t normally notice until we point it out.
  5. Once you have the tapestry centred with your initial duct tape pieces, pull it tight and TAPE. Our motto here was “you can’t have too much duct tape”.  I would recommend taping parallel sides in sequence to avoid pulling the tapestry off centre. We did the taping on the left and right sides before moving to the top and bottom. Lastly, we ran duct tape over all of our duct tape pieces to be EXTRA secure.

Taping our Urban Outfitters Tapestry

So essentially we just duct taped it to the board. I did tell you early on that this is not a professional job, but it did the trick.

We use adhesive strips hang art on the side walls of our condo because we have concrete/cement walls – being as light as it was, this piece was very easy to hang!